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The Expansionist
Thursday, September 05, 2013
Magic Words to Win Approval for Action in Syria
President Obama can make the case that we must not stand aside and just let crimes against humanity happen, simply by uttering these magic words: "Auschwitz", "Dachau", and "the Holocaust".
I completely reject the claim we have been hearing for days about Americans being "war-weary". Nonsense. Americans LOVE war. Our culture is hugely militaristic, scarcely less than were Junker Germany and Tojo Japan. Moreover, the economy is so dependent upon "defense" spending that every war is seen by the majority in Congress as a boondoggle of infinite benefit to the "military-industrial complex". When President Eisenhower uttered that phrase, he meant it as a bad thing. Boy, would he be surprised to see how warmly the Nation has embraced the domination of society by "defense" contractors.
The ONLY reason there is substantial opposition to intervening in Syria is that the people of this country have been propagandized for DECADES into hating Arabs in particular and Moslems in general. (Mind you, there are Christian Arabs, but you wouldn't know that from the bulk of coverage of events in Syria and Egypt.) If Syria had killed over 1,400 Israelis in a single poison-gas attack and was still waging war against Israel, does even one person on Earth think the American people would hesitate for 10 seconds to launch a major attack, including ground troops, upon the Assad regime?

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