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The Expansionist
Saturday, February 08, 2014
Good Riddance to Drug-Addict Rubbish
Moron actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead. Good. Very, very good. Maybe other fools will learn something from his well-deserved death at 46, to stay away from illegal drugs. Society has tried hard to save people from drugs, by making the most dangerous of them illegal, and forcing some drug-law violators into rehab. But some users refuse to take the hint. Let them all die. That will vastly diminish the problem — the Nation's drug problem and all of the problems of the self-destructive individuals who have told us to go f* ourselves when we tried to save them from their own stupidity.
"Lionel" (real name: Michael William Lebron), a commentator on NYC television program [W]PIX11 News at Ten, stated on February 7th that in NYC alone last year, 730 people died of heroin overdoses. Good. If it were, instead, every single heroin user, that would be even better, for clearing away a lot of scum.
Drug addicts aren't worth anybody's time, effort, or sympathy. The more of them die, the better off society. Indeed, the ultimate solution to the immense crime problems in this country and several others, such as the helpless people in Honduras, Mexico, and other source countries made hugely, mortally dangerous by American drug users, is the death penalty for recalcitrant druggies. An extended news report on BBC News this past week says that Honduras now has the world's highest murder rate, due to the movement to Central America of drug operations squeezed out of Mexico by increased governmental interventions. How did the poor people of that wretched country deserve this plague inflicted by drug-using monsters in the United States?
We should give American drug users two strikes, that is, two stays in rehab facilities. If they return to the use of illegal drugs a third time, they're out: kill them.
We don't have to be cruel about it. Just give them a lot of their favored drugs, and if the overdose doesn't kill them, it might at least so zonk them out that when we chop their heads off or shoot them in the face (by robot, so no human being has to feel pain for this necessary act), they won't feel a thing. We won't be able to transplant their organs unless we detoxify them first and then kill them cleanly, but we can cremate them (or unusable remnants of their chopped-up bodies) into ash that we can at least use as fertilizer in national and state forests.
Don't memorialize them with tombstones. They don't deserve that honor, and should be not remembered but forgotten, by everyone, as soon as possible. Let's start with Philip ... what's-his-name. Cremate him now and dump his ashes in a secret, forest location, and make him a Nonperson, a fortuitous invention by totalitarian states for people unworthy of being acknowledged as ever having existed. Families should destroy all fotos and other reminders of the existence of children that killed themselves thru self-destructive drug use, and never ask where they (the family or any particular member of the family) went wrong. No one controls the decisions of a drug user but the drug user himself. Eradicate all evidence that that loser ever existed, and move on with your life. You didn't do it to them. They did. Free yourself of all the baggage of guilt and memory, and move on, litened of that load.

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