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The Expansionist
Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Whitewashing a Red
Pete Seeger, an active co-conspirator in the crimes of the worldwide Communist venture in tyranny and mass murder, died Monday nite, January 27th. The next day, the media were falling all over themselves competing to praise this supposedly harmless composer and singer of "protest songs". No, he didn't work for the takeover of Southeast Asia by Communists who murdered millions in Cambodia, nor for the death of other millions, mainly in South Vietnam, in a war of Communist aggression. He didn't make excuses for Stalinist mass murder of millions in the Soviet Union and then of anti-Communist POW's from Poland and other areas taken by the Red Army during World War II, nor in political repressions — thru, in some cases, murder of anti-Communist activists — in the Soviet bloc of East European slave states. Of course not. He was just a sweet old man who worked on civil rights and environmentalism. Sure he was. A sweeet old man who did not resign from the Communist Party until 1949, even tho the trail of slaughter was plain long before then.
To speak of "mass murder" by worldwide Communism is groteskly to understate the case. Communist regimes murdered not only millions in wars to take over various countries on multiple continents but also 110 million people AFTER Communists achieved such conquests. That didn't trouble Peter Seeger, tho, not in the slitest. That's a man you want to praise? Not I.
I'd have had the bastard literally crucified for his work for worldwide Communist "revolution" — but it wasn't even really revolution within target states, but aggression from outside, planned, coordinated, armed, and funded at first from the Kremlin alone, and then from the Forbidden City as well. Seeger deserved to be crucified at the side of a major road, and left to be eaten by vultures and crows. But Communists are never to be held to account, anywhere. Russia's President is an unrepentant Communist, and young Americans today are made to believe that Communism was a harmless exercise in impractical, political idealism that the U.S. overreacted to. Forget about the Cold War. It was all just political theater, a phony 'war' against a harmless political philosophy. Forget about the hundreds of billions of dollars (interest on which we are still paying), thousands of nuclear warheads trained on each other by the West and Soviet bloc, and millions of dead civilians and soldiers in wars in Malaya, China, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Mozambique, Angola, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, Nepal, and various other countries.
Are teachers of history doing anything at all to shake Americans out of such revisionist lunacy? Certainly something must be done to counter the implied saintliness of Peter Seeger and other American Communists.

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