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The Expansionist
Monday, February 02, 2015
CBS Discriminates against Americans
I sent the following message to CBS Television via feedback form today:
I deeply resent CBS's decision to hire a FOREIGNER to host the Late Late Show. Why? You could not find someone good enuf among 316 MILLION Americans? You should be ashamed of yourselves. I will NEVER watch that f* foreigner on that show. NOT EVER, and I will be urging other people to boycott it as well. There is no guest nor group of guests that would ever induce me to watch that show if it is hosted by a goddamned f* foreigner.
If you love Britain so much, why don't you just move there, give up your U.S. citizenship (if any), and let loyal Americans take your place in the decision-making leadership of CBS? Or perhaps you should change the name of your network to British Broadcasting System. Then you can staff it entirely with Brits, but everyone will be on notice not to expect to see or hear Americans, because yours is a foreign body lodged in American media.

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