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The Expansionist
Friday, February 27, 2015
Punishing the Misuse of the Terms 'Execute' and 'Execution'
Again Thursday and Friday, the 26th and 27th of February, one after another media monster called the multiple murderer Mohammed Emwazi an "executioner". No, he is a MURDERER. Every single member of Western media who calls ISIS murders "executions" needs to be FIRED, and blackballed for life, never to be permitted to work for or even be interviewed by media. The outrageous moral confusion of these subhuman scum in confusing lawful punishment for appalling crimes with illegal killing, needs to be extirpated, eliminated root and branch from the media culture. EVERY SINGLE media beast who confuses "murder" and "execution" needs as well to be subjected to extreme and uniform shunning. They should be unable to live anywhere in any civilized society. NO ONE should talk to them, permit them to talk publicly, or have normal social interactions with decent people. If they think ISIS performs "executions", let them move to ISIS-land, where they will fit in perfectly. Well, at least until ISIS* kills them.

* ISIS is a better term than either "ISIL" ("Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant") or the "Islamic State", because there is no resemblance whatsoever between the stances of ISIS and those of Islam. None whatsoever. Isis harkens back to a grotesque pre-Islamic 'goddess' described thus by the Microsoft Works dictionary:
"[in] Egyptian mythology, the goddess of fertility, generally depicted wearing a cow's horns bearing a golden disk representing the sun.

"She was the wife of her brother Osiris and the mother of Horus."

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