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The Expansionist
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Phony European 'Union'
The so-called "European Union" is no such thing. It is a trading bloc, not a political union at all. Contrast the United States, a true federal union. There has been a massive transfer of wealth from rich states (in the North and West) to poor states (mainly in the South) over much of the history of the Nation, but esp. in the past 85 years. Washington doesn't keep tabs on each state's take, and presént recipient states with debt bills to be paid or the debtor state will be expelled from the Union.
Think about it. When the Federal Government invested billions to create the Tennessee Valley Authority, we didn't send bills to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and other states that benefited from that investment. We understood that in helping those impoverished, backward states, we would of course be helping the Nation overall. Similarly, when we sited the Johnson Space Center in Texas, and moved a dominant portion of the Defense Department's manpower and facilities budget to the South, we didn't send bills to those states for our investment. But "Europe" does send bills to member 'states'. No, you stupid bastards. You don't bill your fellow citizens for activities that benefit the entire Union. You don't present them with crippling debt and demands they do things that will hurt their people. You HELP because it is the right thing to do, and in the long run, the ONLY thing to do.
If that had been the approach of the European "Union", the EU today would face NO crisis over Greece — and, by extension, Portugal, Spain, Italy, etc.. So let us stop talking about the "European Union". There is no such thing, and European countries are victimizing each other again. How contemptibly stupid.
The United States has shown Europeans how to organize their affairs for nearly 230 years. But Europeans are SO stupid that they haven't learned a thing. We have to keep intervening to keep Europeans from slitting each other's throats, literally or fiscally. Perhaps Greece should exit the "EU" and petition the United States to create it into a State of OUR Union. That would be fitting: the first Western-style democracy joining the greatest democracy. Greece's accession to our Union might force us to examine how deformed and decaying our own democracy has become, and cause us to rededicate ourselves to social and economic democracy more than just ridding ourselves of the blatant antidemocratic behavior of "Conservatives" in recent years, who are trying with all their might to STOP people from voting.

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