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The Expansionist
Thursday, December 10, 2015
Idiotic Nonsense about Trump Encouraging Terrorists
Perhaps Hillary Clinton and other people do not know that Moslem countries do not let Christians immigrate and maintain their religion in defiance of the dominant religion of those countries. That is to say that everyone in the Moslem world is perfectly comfortable with Christian countries being Christian and Moslem countries being Moslem. To suggest that the people of Moslem countries would be indignant at Christian countries wanting to remain Christian, to the point of becoming terrorists whereas they otherwise wouldn't even consider that, is ABSURD and DISHONEST.
The bulk of Moslem countries are NOT "open societies". They do not seek out nor even permit immigrants who do not embrace Islam. They do NOT believe in the right to choose your religion, and to disown Islam if you were born into it. They do not value "diversity" and the tolerance of religious multiplicity, agnosticism, and atheism, by the United States and most other Western countries.
There is no greater hypocrisy in this entire matter of permitting or forbidding Moslems to enter the United States than the feigned indignation of Israelis on the subject. Israelis. Israelis?!? Israelis have MURDERED, directly and thru their slave, the Government of the United States, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Moslems, in TWO wars and interim sanctions that killed MANY hundreds of thousands of people in Israel's arch-enemy, Iraq. Israel has killed Moslems in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Iraq, Uganda, and other places. But simply keeping Moslems out of the United States, safe from feared religious persecution, is unacceptable?! Ridiculous.
Why is everybody an idiot and hypocrite? Donald Trump may be a fool as regards various matters, but he is on solid ground in wanting to quarantine us against the Moslem world. As I pointed out here on December 7th, it is perfectly legal to preclude anyone from any part of the world that we don't want here. And we don't have to defend our immigration laws from criticism by constitutionally ignorant hypocrites.

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