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The Expansionist
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Hillary: Don't Throw the Election Away
News reports say that Hillary Clinton is actually considering asking Elizabeth Warren to be her Vice Presidential running mate. Can Hillary actually be that insane? An all-female slate would almost certainly GUARANTEE that Donald Trump will be our next President. So I sent the following message to the Clinton campaign.
Please do not snatch defeat from the mouth of victory. If you select a WOMAN -- ANY woman -- for Vice President, TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE. Americans may vote for ONE woman, but NOT two, excluding men from power. Elizabeth Warren may be a very good person, with all the right instincts, but we CANNOT have an all-female slate. Many people who would vote for you as President and a good MAN (for instance, present VP Biden) will at least STAY HOME and perhaps even, gagging and retching, vote for TRUMP. Elizabeth Warren should exclude herself from consideration. This is not her year. Do not hold men in contempt, because we can always vote for Trump to get even.
I then sent Senator Warren a copy of that text, and asked her to preclude herself from consideration as Clinton's running mate. It would be very hard for Hillary to lose to Trump EXCEPT by choosing a female running mate. But that would do it. She can indeed be trounced by Trump if she does something so crazy, as it would show enormously persuasively that Hillary has NO judgment.

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