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The Expansionist
Thursday, July 28, 2016
Idiot Nonsense about Hillary's Qualifications
President Obama last nite repeated his preposterous claim that no man or woman has ever been more qualified to be President of the United States than Hillary Clinton! How outrageously, contemptibly absurd! George WASHINGTON was not better qualified? Thomas JEFFERSON? Abraham LINCOLN? Theodore ROOSEVELT? Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT? Dwight David EISENHOWER? John F. KENNEDY? Lyndon Baines JOHNSON? Ridiculous.
Let me say plainly to anyone inclined to repeat that disgraceful slander of great Presidents: STFU!
Hillary Clinton may be able to handle the job, but she is NOT better qualified than the eight great Presidents I list above. And no one on Earth believes she IS. If it was your purpose to demean Hillary by making a ridiculous claim that no one believes, you've done a great job.
Hillary Clinton is a woman of middling accomplishments. She didn't hold together a ragtag army thru extreme hardships to win an eight-year war against the greatest empire of the time, refuse a crown, and step down after two terms, establishing a precedent that was violated only once before it was entrenched in the Constitution. She didn't write any of our basic documents, nor double the area of the United States. Nor did she hold the Union together against a catastrophic attempt at mass secession, and lead the charge for emancipation of slaves everywhere in the reunified Nation. Nor did she bust the trusts and create the national parks. Nor help the Nation fite its way out of the greatest economic calamity in our history, and bring us within months of total defeat of the worst challenge to our freedom since the Revolution. Nor did she command Allied forces in World War II, send troops into Little Rock to enforce civil rights, nor warn us of the dangers of the military-industrial complex. Nor put a man on the moon and inspire us to secure, first, universal voting rights, and then full civil rights across the South. Nor did she pick up the mantle of an assassinated predecessor and push his program thru Congress. NONE of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments even BEGINS to equal the achievements of the eight great men I list above. Nor is she even better qualified than a number of other Presidents, such as the Adamses and even Woodrow Wilson.
So cut the extravagant praise. Hillary can't live up to it, and instead of adding to her reputation, you make her look small and unaccomplished.

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