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The Expansionist
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Nobody Believes in 'Man-Made Global Warming'
My statement above may surprise or even shock some people, but think about it. NOT ONE WORD has been uttered in major media, at the United Nations, or anywhere else, about POPULATION in connection with "climate change". Not one word. Quite the contrary, Communist China, the world's most overpopulated country, has relaxed its controls on population to permit a second child for hundreds of millions of families! And India looks forward to passing China as the world's most populous country. As wise Romans first said, "Res ipsa loquitur" — the thing speaks for itself.
If people had anything whatsoever to do with climate change, and the consensus among scientists were that human activity is causing catastrophic change to the world's climate, wouldn't there be furious, panicked insistence that the human population of this planet MUST at the very least be prevented from increasing, and, preferably, that the human population of planet Earth be CUT, drastically? But you never hear that, do you?
If we cut "greenhouse-gas emissions" by 2% on the base of the world's current population — or to be insanely optimistic, by 10% — but the planet's population increases by 25% or 60% or 195% over the next 50 or 100 years, are we ahead or behind? Plainly we would be very FAR behind if we did nothing to stop people from rutting like rabbits. I should say "heterosexual people", because gay people play no part whatsoever in such irresponsible reproduction, which is not just risking planetary climate — if people really did have that kind of control over climate, which they DON'T — but also risking the lives of BILLIONS of children this planet cannot sustain in human conditions. The Third World is the region of this planet at greatest risk of mass death from irresponsible population growth, yet the Third World is the most hostile to homosexuality, which could prove this planet's SALVATION.
Human heterosexuality is the enemy of planet Earth, if you believe in "man-made global warming", or its slitely-camouflaged euphemism "anthropogenic climate change". But NOBODY is demanding that straight people stop reproducing irresponsibly. It is thus plain that NOBODY really believes that people can change or are changing the climate of planet Earth. So let us either stop pretending to believe something we do NOT in fact believe, or fly into a panic over population growth, and do everything in our power to END it. Plainly that would entail STERILIZING large numbers of people (preferably those of lesser gifts), at least temporarily, as by insertion of Norplant/Jadelle long-term contraceptives under the skin of BILLIONS of young women, which would have enormous benefits to society in giving women YEARS in which to pursue an education and/or career, and seek political power that ends the slavery to reproduction that is intrinsic to heterosexual culture worldwide, but esp. in the benited Third World. The United States Government could easily afford to BUY the manufacturers of these long-term, subcutaneous contraceptives and dispense their products without charge to everyone who needs them.
In any case, let us trim our rhetoric as to "climate change" to our actual assumptions about population. No one can rationally claim to believe that human activity is responsible for potentially devastating worldwide climate change AND be blasé about a projected immense growth in human population, as to 9.7 billion by the year 2050. The conclusion is inescapable that NOBODY really believes in "man-made global warming".

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