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The Expansionist
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
So, When Will Trump Resign?
I have never believed that Donald Trump really wanted to serve the public as President of the United States, but that all he wanted was his ego to be stroked and to have his "brand" boosted in the public consciousness. Plainly his ego will be delited when he takes the oath of office. But I very seriously doubt that Trump really wants to WORK at that extremely tuf job. So will he end his inaugural address, after he enters history books as a President, by resigning? Don't be surprised if he does.
Filmmaker and Liberal activist Michael Moore predicted, when everyone thought Hillary would trounce Trump, that no, Trump would win. Since that prediction, Moore has gone on to say he would not be surprised if Trump resigned even before he takes office. I seriously doubt that, because I'm sure he'd like the ego boost of becoming part of history. But I don't think he wants a job that is crushingly difficult and would keep him from the wheeling and dealing — and cheating — that he has become accustomed to. Once he wins a place in the history books, he may decide that Mike Pence is much better suited to WORK at being President, so resign to clear the way for Pence and permit Trump to return to his swashbuckling capitalist-pirate ways.

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