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The Expansionist
Monday, February 27, 2017
New, Improved Trumpies! Now 99% Truth-Free!
How many lies can Donald Trump continue to pump out, yet expect his core supporters to accept? He famously says that he is doing exactly what he said he would do, but that cannot be true, because he has said diametrically opposed things over and over. His biggest, ongoing lie is calling the media "fake news". No, Mr. Trump. The New York Times and other major media are telling the absolute truth, without fakery. YOU are the fake, so your constant attacks on the media are EXACTLY like the supposed exchange of small children, popularized by another fictional character, Pee-wee Herman, "I know you are, but what am I?"
Donald Trump is indeed a creature of fiction, an imitation person of no substance. He is all appearance, but no reality. His supporters are, without a single exception, mental defectives who are incapable of seeing thru the most obvious lies and frauds. Oh, to be generous, I suppose they know very well that they are being lied to, but they just don't care. They hear what they want to hear, and ignore what they don't want to hear. Trump is baiting them with raw meat — RED meat, beef, not chickan — to engage all their resentments about how badly they have supposedly been treated by society before Trump arrived to save them from their own, dismally disappointing realities.
What they stupidly don't realize is that it is Trump's universe that consigns them to poverty and worthlessness. It is not Liberalism that made them poor. Liberals provided them with free public education of quality, but they didn't pay attention while in school, and did not do their homework. Many of them dropped out of the great schools that Liberals provided for them, or got such bad marks that they could not go on to higher education, not even junior college or trade school. There were public colleges aplenty for them, but they could not qualify, because they were too lazy or too STUPID to be admitted. Unlike K-12 public schools, public colleges are not required to accept just everyone who applies. Perhaps they should, and once slackers and morons are admitted, counselors should break the news that they will never succeed in life unless and until they stop being intellectual doormats, but step up off the entryway to stand tall and BE somebody, on their own merits. The world does NOT owe them a living, but does owe them a chance to MAKE a good life for themselves, so if they DO exert themselves, honestly and diligently, society will give them every opportunity to succeed.
Can all Trumpistas succeed in life? Yes, but with qualifications, regarding MODEST success. Not everyone can be a "rocket scientist" or "brain surgeon"  — tho Ben Carson proves that you don't have to be smart to be regarded as successful. He is an IDIOT, so almost certainly cannot be what he is supposed to be. Perhaps Carson has some kind of rare condition in which he is able to function at a high level in one area even tho in every other area he is an idiot. I doubt that, and suspect that he is instead one of those token blacks whom anti-black white people have built up into a fake success story. Certainly his behavior during last year's Republican primary season showed him to be mentally defective, as when he stood on the sidelines after his name was announced as the next person to come onstage.  But that is neither here nor there. (An interesting idiom, no?)
What we as a Nation must do is ensure that people who work diligently and honestly get to live a comfortable and honorable life. You don't hear such words from Donald Trump, do you? No, we hear only resentment of other people's success — all the while Trump's program of tax cuts for the obscenely rich would only make WORSE the condition of his idiot supporters, who are too STUPID to realize that his program to 'increase opportunity' means only affording the merely rich, the opportunity to become undeservedly and obscenely rich. Smart people have always, thru the history of democracies, which is quite recent, been able to manipulate the stupid into doing things that are contrary to their interests. It would be laffable if it were not so tragic.
Appallingly, the "Trumped-Upon" do not realize that they are being used and abused, and will NEVER prosper under The Donald's pro-rich, anti-poor policies. Only the rich will benefit from cutting taxes on the rich. Only the rich in Corporate America will benefit from Trump's proposals to 'bring jobs back to America', because the only way that could be done is by CUTTING wages and benefits to American workers, in a competition to out-poor China in the "race to the bottom" that the ignorant poor of the Trump core constituency never heard about, because they never watch the national news nor any public-affairs television! Once you deduct the costs of transporting products across the Pacific, the only margin left between China and the U.S. is wages and benefits, so the only way corporations can profit from creating jobs here is by paying Americans the same as — or less than! — people are paid in China. So, Trumpistas, welcome to a new day of new jobs at starvation wages and no benefits. You deserve it. WAKE THE F* UP.

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