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The Expansionist
Wednesday, March 08, 2017
Hunt Down and Kill Everyone in WikiLeaks — and All Its Defenders
WikiLeaks is guilty of mass espionage, and ALL its members need to be hunted down and at least arrested and tried for espionage, with an automatic and unappealable death penalty upon conviction, or summarily executed, without trial, wheresoever its members may be found,. Why hasn't the CIA done that? This is war, not civil litigation or even economically motivated criminal activity. War. We don't trouble even to try to arrest enemy soldiers in individual trials. We kill as many as we need to win the war. And so we should kill everyone in WikiLeaks and everyone who defends its war against the United States.
So, Mr. Trump, Do You Still Love WikiLeaks? During his campaign for the Presidency, Donald Trump famously proclaimed "I love WikiLeaks!" Yes, he really did say that! It was plainly disloyalty at the time, and if he repeats it now, it will be the exact equivalent of treason. So say it, Mr. Trump, so we can impeach you for treason.

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