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The Expansionist
Thursday, April 13, 2017
Never Too Many Betrayals
Donald Trump has 'changed his mind' about more issues he ran on. Right. No. He didn't change his mind. He LIED. But his core supporters will NEVER TIRE of being LIED TO. Don't they have ANY respect for themselves? Apparently not.
In the past two weeks, Trump has changed his stance on Communist China. During the campaign, he accused China of RAPE of American workers, and being the world's worst currency manipulator, which helped it compete unfairly against us. Now, however, Trump is absolutely silent on that "rape" and says that China has stopped manipulating currencies So will Trump now co-conspire with Communist China in raping American workers?
Trump also changed his stance on NATO. He said during the campaign that NATO was "obsolete", and that he might NOT automatically defend every NATO member if it is attacked by, for instance, Russia. But now he says NATO is (no longer) obsolete, and presumably he will defend every NATO member from attack.
Trump also criticized Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellin, and hinted he might not reappoint her when her term ends. But now he has indicated he will reappoint her after all.
How many betrayals will Trump's supporters tolerate? Another two or three? Or another two or three THOUSAND?

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