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The Expansionist
Wednesday, April 05, 2017
Tempest in a Soda Can
How stupid can people be? Pepsi-Cola issued a television commercial in which a demonstrator tries to defuse tensions between protesters and police by giving a policeman a Pepsi. How on EARTH could anyone object to that? These people need to be evaluated by mental-health professionals, in a mental hospital, if need be. And Pepsi should NOT have withdrawn the ad but told people to get a grip and concede that the ad makes a good and valuable point. Instead, Pepsi caved in to stupidity, which is an act of stupidity in itself.
What is the meaning of the objection to the commercial? Are the objectors saying that people should STAY MAD at each other rather than seek reconciliation and peace? Idiots. Why are there so many IDIOTS in the world?
I want to start a new blog, "Crochety Old Man", in which I attack the many, many things that throw me into a rage. I have made notes about topics I want to address — 292 to date. Some are single items of English usage. Others are more complicated. I think I'll start with "Roll Down Your Sleeves!", about the insane and dishonest practice of television in showing something like a third of all men wearing long-sleeved shirts but with the sleeves rolled up for absolutely no reason. When I do start my Crotchety Old Man blog, I'll place a note to that effect in this blog.

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