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The Expansionist
Sunday, October 18, 2015
European 'Union' Falling Apart Again, in a Different Way
I mentioned here on July 14th that the European "Union" is no such thing, as shown by its presenting bills to member states, like Greece, for investments or loans, something that would never occur to a genuine union, such as the United States.
Now we see various countries erecting fences and walls on supposedly open borders between EU member 'states' to deal with the problem of refugees from places like Syria. So much for a European "Union".
Compare that to the United States. Could the State of New Jersey (where I live) close the bridges and tunnels from New York City, and shut down the Interstate Highways from Upstate New York at the New Jersey line to keep out international refugees that arrive in New York State? No, we could not. Freedom of movement among the states of our genuine Union is an absolutely basic provision of our Federal Union. When a few individuals in the administration of NJ Governor Chris Christie merely delayed tens of thousands of cars in getting onto the George Washington Bridge, on one day, there was enormous political tumult about a scandal termed "Bridgegate". Imagine if Christie tried to cut all transportation links to New York to keep out refugees from Syria or any other place!
The European "Union" is no such thing, and we should not hesitate to point out its defects and hypocrisies. Europeans need either to fix its defects or stop calling their trading bloc a "Union".

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